Velvix Sets Sights on Asian Market with Vietnam and Philippines

The company has teamed up with Jade Gaming, a company operating out of the Philippines. This deal is now part of Velvix’s overall strategy to grow its presence in the country’s market, but also expand to Vietnam.

Velvix Determined to Grow Footprint in Asia

Velvix is seeing the two countries as an important part of its Asian pivot after the company managed to gain a strong footprint in the United States and is likely to continue growing there. An initial product catalog is expected to go live in June, with further expansions to come over the next months.

Commenting on the company’s current plans and successes, Velvix VP Amy Jiang said that the North American success gives the company a strong reason to believe that the same business strategies can be levied in Asia, particularly in the Philippines and Vietnam:

The Asian Pacific region has demonstrated remarkable growth in recent quarters, surpassing even the most optimistic expectations. We strongly believe in the resurgence of Asian gaming and are thrilled to be part of it by launching Velvix in The Philippines and Vietnam.

Velvix VP Amy Jiang

Jiang similarly hailed Jade Gaming and the company’s significance in helping Velvix reach new audiences and establish a robust product footprint that will be useful to the company’s grander strategy in these Asian markets and possibly others.

Velvix is serious about the future of its products and gaming machines, with the company already operating a research and development office in Sydney, Australia. Velvix focuses on different products, investing in both Class III slot machine titles that come as linked progressive and standalone game variations.

Innovative Developer Committed to Expanding Its Global Presence

For the time being, Velvix remains an up-and-coming company that is focused on expanding its reach across new jurisdictions rapidly. The company a ufa888 ttended the IGA 2023 show in San Diego, California, with the team on the ground and looking to analyze and secure new business opportunities.

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The company has also expanded its fleet of games at a good clip, announcing innovative products such as a Keno-themed slot back in March. Velvix holds certifications from BMM and international regulators, demonstrating its commitment to creating products that meet industry standards at the highest level.