Twitch decides to ban certain gambling sites starting October 18

A major change is coming to the popular streaming platform known as Twitch, and many members should be pleased with the change. Over the past few days, a big debate has emerged regarding Twitch and gambling. Streamers have voiced strong concerns over gambling content and young people become addicted to gambling, as well as scam activity.

Twitch has decided to change its policy and will ban certain gambling websites from streaming on its platform starting on October 18. Sites that are not licensed in the United States or operate in other jurisdictions that are not offering quality consumer protections will be banned.

Taking Action  

The live streaming platform is owned by Amazon and is popular among game creators. Players stream live footage of gameplay and gather a following based on skill or their personality. Just recently, a streamer named ItsSliker was called out for scamming creators on Twitch out ufa800 of cash to support a gambling addiction.

This caused streamers to reevaluate what is being allowed on the platform and call Twitch to action. Streamers have also been concerned about gambling content and how it might affect younger viewers’ decision-making in real life as well as online.

In response, Twitch announced yesterday that it will ban live streaming sites that offer slots, dice games, and roulette, as of October 18. Four sites were called out by name in the announcement and include:,,, and

Poker, Sports Betting, and Fantasy Sports to Remain

While certain gambling activity will not be allowed on the platform, other options are still valid. Poker, sports betting, and fantasy sports coverage will remain an option. Many streamers focus their content on these subjects, so they will be relieved in the fact that they can continue offering their streams.

In a social media post, Twitch commented on how gambling content has been a topic of discussion as of late and something that has been under review since the last policy update on the matter. Twitch pointed out that sharing referral codes or links is prohibited regarding gambling, but the rules have been worked around the community have been subject to potential harm.

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The decision to make the policy change was done to help avoid issues in the future. Streamers have already started praising Twitch for the decision including Pokimane, a popular creator. Pokimane asked Twitch to make changes regarding its gambling policy and was excited about this latest development.