Spotlight Launched Sports Betting Content Engine Superfeed

Leading creator of sports betting content Spotlight Sports Group announced the launch of a new content engine, Superfeed, which would deliver insights from impartial sports betting experts to power on-site fan engagement. The content engine will be integrated either via full API integration or a widget.

“Superfeed is the next exciting step for Spotlight Sports Group when it comes to the provision of content.”

Sam Houlding, Chief Commercial Officer, Spotlight Sports GroupExtend Customer Dwell Time

The Superfeed content engine aggregates the vast range of sports betting content supplied by Spotlight Sports Group to ensure expert sports betting editorial and data on any sports is being delivered to sports fans in over 70 languages so that they stay engaged for longer.

“The product contains more content across more sports and languages, than ever before. We’re now producing sports betting insights, verdicts and projections on 25,000 events a year.”

Sam Houlding, Chief Commercial Officer, Spotlight Sports Group

New insights will feature pre-match betting tips, forecasts, and projections and once an event goes live, Superfeed will start utilizing its revolutionary technology to react to on-field action in combination with historical data and continue to provide in-play betting tips, thus making more events matter to bettors.

“From our research, we know sports bettors bet on a range of up to 5% of sports events. With Superfeed you can now inform, empower and engage them on the other 95%, making more events matter to your customers.”

Sam Houlding, Chief Commercial Officer, Spotlight Sports GroupBroad Sports Coverage

Superfeed will also feature horse racing industry-leading content from Racing Post which covers 60,000 races worldwide and delivers opinions from experts with regards to every horse in every race.

As the group pursues its expansion strategy in the US, the new content engine will cover all four major sports including on college level, 7,000 sports events annually in total, to ensure enhanced bettor experience and prolonged user dwell time for sportsbook operators.

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“With the feed also encompassing all relevant US sports, delivered from our localised US content experts as well as the much-loved Racing Post content, Superfeed is our most advanced content generation product to date.”

Sam Houlding, Chief Commercial Officer, Spotlight Sports Group

Spotlight Sports Group’s chief commercial officer Houlding outlined the simplified integration the group had implemented in Superfeed in collaboration with its partners, as well as the enlarged data science and editorial team to make it possible for the best sports betting content to be produced and delivered.

“We’re excited to see the full power of Superf 7BALL CX eed in action, enriching sportsbooks with expert content.”

Sam Houlding, Chief Commercial Officer, Spotlight Sports Group