Second Annual Global Poker Awards Set for March 6

The second annual Global Poker Awards will have 20 new categories and a new voting process.

Global Poker Awards Set for March 2020

The Global Poker Awards (hosted by the Global Poker Index and Poker Central) will be held on March 6, 2020 at the ARIA Resort and Casino in Las Vega ph646 s, Nevada. This will be the second annual awards evening from the Global Poker Index and it is sure to be a star-studded event.

As the second annual Global Poker Awards, the event will be expanded this time around. There will be 20 more awards than the first time these awards were held last year, including the Player’s Choice Award which will be given to the best poker player from all angles.

“We’re delighted that the Global Poker Awards have become a repeating annual event that is growing in scope and significance among the poker industry”

– Eric Danis, the President of the GPI.

There will also be an updated voting process for the 2020 Global Poker Awards. For each category, there will be a panel of judges but there will be some categories will fans will be able to vote on the winners. The full process has yet to be detailed, but we can let you know more than the GPI reveals more.

The new voting process has been introduced to avoid the same kind of controversies that affected the Global Poker Awards last year. In 2019, many poker fans thought that some winners didn’t deserve to be recognised while some deserving players were left out.

Some examples were when Doug Polk was nominated for the Vlogger of the Year; however, he hadn’t actually vlogged for two years, while Jason Somerville was nominated for Streamer of the Year when he hadn’t been active as a streamer since 2018.  Polk himself even stated that the event was “a joke”, while well-known streamer Brad Owen expressed his disappointment that undeserving nominees were put forth for awards. So, it is hoped that these issues will not occur in this year’s Global Poker Index Awards.

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The nominees will be announced soon, and we’re looking forward to finding out which poker greats will be honoured this year. There have been some amazing achievements made in the poker world, and we hope to see the players who have made great strides get the recognition they deserve.