Real Luck Group Sponsors Thunder Awaken as Team Battles in TI11

Real Luck Group Ltd. and its subsidiary Luckbox have announced that they are expanding their reach in Peru and Latin America. The company is now the official sponsor for the Peruvian esports team Thunder Awaken, and it follows the company’s ambition to bolster its player acquisition strategy in other vital markets, including Brazil.

Real Luck Group to Sponsor Thunder Awaken as LatAm Growth Continues

Real Luck puts a great store by this partnership as it sees it as vital to driving more traffic towards its platform. According to the company, many consumers discover betting platforms through influencers and esports teams they follow.

Thunder Awaken has a loyal fan base of more than 16 million across its entire network and the partnership will extend marketing benefits, local reach, and deeper engagement with fans, targeting both esports and traditional athletic contests. Thunder Awaken is an up-and-coming team on the esports scene, especially Dota 2’s The International 11, which is expected to have a serious viewership and pull and in which the team is competing right now.

Luckbox is keen to continue building up its footprint in the Latin American market, which is notable for its love of competitive video gaming. Commenting on this opportunity, Real Luck Group director of marketing Daniel Sanders noted:

Peru is a strategically important market for us. Not only given the huge interest in esports, but also for expanding our online Casino and Sportsbook offerings to bettors in this vibrant market. ssbet77

Luckbox Ready to Double Down on Player Acquisition

Luckbox has been happy to report that its Brazilian pivot has been successful so far. The company noted that its Thunder Awaken partnership is only meant to build on the momentum that it has been able to achieve in the first month of expansion in Brazil and it’s hoping that Peru will now be next.

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However, as Sanders said, Luckbox is aiming at a much bigger fry – the entire Latin American region, which will be possible through collaboration with local regulators and understanding local fanbases and connecting with them.