Potawatomi Casino Hotel Car Thefts Continue, Victim Advises Guests to Be Careful

The Potawatomi Casino Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, has a serious problem with car thefts. According to reports, a total of 11 cars have been stolen since September 24.

FOX6 News spoke with one of the victims, Mike Sheridan, whose rented car was stolen from the parking garage on October 4. Sheridan was visiting the casino resort, unaware that he was about to get in trouble.

The man told the news outlet that he also lost all the valuables he had in the car, which included a $700 camera and a pair of earbuds. He regretted leaving these items unattended and slammed the police and casino hotel for not warning him of the thefts.

The car thieves have been active since September 24, targeting primarily Kia and Hyundai cars. This was also information that the casino staff did not clearly communicate, with Sheridan arguing that they had put his safety at risk.

The man used the interview with FOX6 to warn car renters to be vigilant and not repeat his mistake. Sheridan concluded that he is almost certain the thieves would continue to strike unless the casino resort improved its security and surveillance. The victim hopes that the police will make arrests to dissuade further car stealing attempts.

Potawatomi Casino Hotel Advised Guests to Be Careful

The car Sheridan had rented is one of 11 stolen cars. It turned up some ten days later, although the man’s valuables were still missing.

The Potawatomi Casino Hotel staff said they are aware of the incidents. Because of that, the resort promised to monitor all parking lots and entrances 24/7. Despite that, the property advised its guests against leaving valuable items in their cars.

In the meantime, Potawatomi Casino Hotel’s senior security manager, Travis Gervais, released a statement, informing that Kia and Hyundai cars are in extra danger. He said that the Potawatomi C kagame asino Hotel parking lot is, sadly, not much safer than other streets or parking structures in Milwaukee.

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According to Gervais, the thieves are able to steal a car in less than a minute. Because of that, he asked all guests to park in high-trafficked and well-lit areas and lock their cars’ doors securely. The manager added that investing in a quality anti-theft system or steering wheel locking device is advisable.