Online Gambling To Debut In Córdoba As Soon As Presidential Elections Are Over

The provincial government of Córdoba has revealed that online gambling will ultimately make its debut here. Additionally, the debut is planned to happen 48 hours after the November 19 presidential runoff election between Javier Milei and Sergio Massa take place.

Demo format – at the beginning:

Starting from November 21 and for next 45 days until January 5th of the next year, online gambling platforms will just work in demo format. As soon as the time limit officially runs out, true wagering will be allowed.

Even though 8 pre-licensing deals have been awarded, just 4 online wagering platforms will make their official debut. As for the other 4 firms, they withdrew primarily because of the big licensing expanses. On a related note, in a statement, the Córdoba Lottery described the aforementioned steps as “the only legal means of capturing and receiving bets virtually in the province of Córdoba,” involving its capital where gambling online has been a controversial concern.

As Newswire reports, the main goal of the demo period is to increase public awareness of safe gaming, which includes each of the Responsible Gaming policies, meets the biggest social protection and quality standards in order to battle and completely get rid of non-legal gambling.

Attempt to block online gambling in the capital:

Furthermore, there have been several tries by a certain councilor named Juan Pablo Quinteros to officially block the said online gambling specifically in the capital city. During December of last year, following the submission of a complaint to the Córdoba courts, the aforementioned councilor asked the governor of the provincial capital, Martin Llaryora, to repel mnl168 the law on online gambling.

The said councilor founded his arguments on the rule that bans gambling located “within the radious of 20 kilometres” of the central square of San Martin, in the aforementioned city of Córdoba.


Each launch has its own rules. Therefore, online wagering will only be allowed from any kind of device that should be used within the borders of the province of Córdoba. Also, the license for online gambling will be given to only 4 firms such as B-Play, Betsson, Jugadon and PlayCet. In addition, these permits are legally acceptable for the time period of 15 years and cannot be resumed.

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Since the aforementioned operators will be the only ones with licenses, Betsson has entered into an alliance with Casino de Victoria from Argentina in order to expand its presence in the Argentinian regulated market more quickly. Next, Concesionaria de Entretenimiento y Turismo (CET) entered into a partnership with Daruma Sam, a sports wagering operator from Paraguay to help it increase its presence in Argentina.

One more example is, Boldt, a Buenos Aires-based slots operator that has entered into an alliance with SG Digital (B-Play) to help the latter expand its footprint in the aforementioned Argentina, while Jugadon, an online casino brand, will be managed by a group that operates racing tracks, arcades and slot machines in the province of San Louis.