New study highlights the economic importance of California cardrooms

The California Gaming Association has published the results of a specially-commissioned study showing that the state’s cardrooms are responsible for some 32,425 direct and indirect jobs that annually pay out approximately $1.64 billion in combined employee benefits and wages.

The California Gaming Association used an official Friday press release to declare that its examination had been conducted by niche economics research firm John Dunham and Associates Incorporated and also indicated that the cardroom industry contributes around $500 million in state and local taxes every year to ‘play a vital role in underserved communities throughout California.’

Billion-dollar benefits:

Kyle Kirkland, President for the California Gaming Association, used the press release to moreover detail that cardrooms have an annual overall positive impact on the economy of ‘The Golden State’ worth around $5.6 billion and pay some $398.8 million in state taxes every year alongside about $100.9 million in local gaming duties.

Read a statement from Kirkland…

“This economic impact report illustrates what we know and experience every day; local cardrooms are essential to California communities across the state. California cardrooms provide tens of thousands of steady living wage jobs, providing an opportunity for working Californians to support themselves and their families.”

Career creator:

The California Gaming Association furthermore explained that cardrooms are responsible for some 13,463 jobs in Los Angeles County alone and provide this highly-populated jurisdiction with about $2.3 billi 7BALL CC on in annual economic benefits. For the area around San Francisco, the trade group pronounced that such poker-friendly establishments employ 6,196 people and are responsible for fiscal advantages worth some $1.1 billion while San Diego County profits to the tune of 1,936 jobs and $318.6 million in economic windfalls.

Widespread windfalls:

For the counties near the state capital of Sacramento, the California Gaming Association stated that the investigation indicated that cardrooms employ 1,831 people and have an annual positive economic impact worth $313.3 million while Fresno County benefits courtesy of 764 jobs that lead to approximately $128.5 million in yearly regional gains.

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Kirkland’s statement read…

“Cardrooms across California spark additional economic activities, revenues and jobs by their presence and provide valuable tax revenues to host communities. In fact, some cardrooms generate over 50% of a city’s general fund revenues, providing the majority of funds for emergency services, fire departments, parks and other critical city programs and services.”