New Esports Event Available for Betting in Nevada

The 2020 DreamHack Masters Spring enters the Nevada betting market. Call of Duty and Overwatch leagues team up with Sportradar.

2020 DreamHack Masters Spring Available for Wagering in Nevada

Nevada’s GamingControl Board (NGCB) has announced the approval of wagering for anupcoming Counter Strike Global Offensivetournament. Sportsbooks will be able to offer and accept wagers for the 2020 DreamHack Masters Spring. Theavailable wager options will be: head tohead, match winner and overall winner.

This was the fourth esports event included in the betting market by the NGCB. The events that precede the 2020 DreamHack Masters Spring are ESL Meisterschaft, ESL Rio Major and ESL Pro League. This CS: GO DreamHack tournament is planned to have the first game played on May 19.

Sportsbooks to Follow the Rules by the NGCB

Nevada operators interested in accepting bets for the CS:GO tournament must follow the rules set out by Nevada’s Gaming Control Board. Furthermore, operators have to officially notify the NGCB they intend to offer esports wagers on the event, as well as follow the official rules set out by the event organizer.

As noted, the wagering options will be: head to head, match winner and overall winner. The Gaming Board did stress that no in-play betting would be allowed. As soon as a game starts, all betting activity should be ceased. The choice of odds, on the other hand, is up to the operators as long as they follow the rules of fair wagering and use publicly available sources.

Exciting News About the Call of Duty and Overwatch Leagues

News came yesterday that Call of Duty and Overwatch leagues teamed up with Sportradar. The new partnership will help the esports leagues fight corruption and improve fair play. Under the agreement, Sportradar will grant Blizzard access to the company’s Intelligence and Investigation Services unit. The company will be analyzing and monitoring data, ensuring quick identification of match-fixing top646 , leaks or any unpermitted and illegal activities.

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Sportradar uses a Fraud Detection System (FDS). This system scans over 600 sports bets in the world. Its design allows flagging of deviations which relate to betting patterns. If such an issue arises, the team at Sportradar contacts the league simultaneously. “We look forward to working with The Overwatch League and Call of Duty League to fortify their already powerful integrity measures“, said Andy Cunningham, Head of Integrity Services and League Relations, North America at Sportradar.