Greenwood Gaming yet to choose site for new mini-casino

Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment, Inc, was named the winner of the fourth mini-casino auction in Pennsylvania last week after the Gaming Control board announced that Sand’s Bethworks Gaming, LLC bid was invalid. Sands had chosen an area for their satellite casino that would infringe on the area chosen by Mount Airy #1 LLC, the winner of the second mini-casino auction, which lead to losing out on the bid. Now that Greenwood Gaming is the license holder, they must decide on a location for their new gaming venue.

A Greenwood Gaming and Entertainment spokesman has stated that within the Interstate 81 corridor between Chambersburg and Carlisle, there has yet to be a preferred site chosen for the mini-casino. This means that anywhere within that 30-mile circle is still under consideration.

For some areas, local municipalities feel that a new casino would be positive for their region, bringing in new development as well as  jobs and a consistent revenue stream. According to PennLive, the Cumberland area would welcome the casino. Cumberland Area Economic Development Corp. Chief Executive Jonathan Bowser, commented that a casino would fit into their mission of creating employment opportunities, increasing visitor spending and increasing the tax base for local taxing bodies.

However, other areas within the circle of consideration are not so open to the idea. PennLive heard from one council member of the Carlisle Borough who is not so excited about the idea. Sean Schultz told the news source via email that he does not believe the idea is ‘all the sunshine and rainbows’ that it is being made out to be. Schultz stated he is worried that any new revenue created would be off-set by higher costs involving emergency services and social issues. He also pointed out his worry about gambling addictions and how they would affect families, not wanting to h 7BALL CX ave any indirect part in that.

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So, for now, Greenwood Gaming has no site in mind and they have only six months to submit a specific location as well as development plans for the project. Once this process is complete, the state will prepare final licensing approvals. The company may find it difficult narrowing down a site choice as most of the territory within the circle chosen has decided to opt out or have a prohibition of alcohol sales.