Edgio and World Champion Fantasy Ink New Data Partnership

The world’s first online fantasy esports platform, World Champion Fantasy (WCF), announced a new partnership with Edgio, a provider of content network services.

World Champion Fantasy Teams up with Edgio

Under the terms of the new strategic collaboration, Edgio will power the release of WCF’s platform PlayerX. Thanks to Edgio’s Uplynk platform, PlayerX is expected to take the market by storm and significantly scale up its operations. The new strategic deal will see the first time esports tournaments have streaming video synced with player data such as headshots, kills and more.

In other words, WCF’s platform PlayerX will have the option to share important highlights from esports tournaments, stream them and promote them. This will create unique experiences for esports fans considering they will be able to search for team and player statistics which will be uploaded along with the relevant video clips.

“Working with World Champion Fantasy, Edgio will provide our industry-leading technology and streaming solutions to one of the fastest growing and influential market segments – esports.“

Bob Lyons, CEO at Edgio

Edgio’s CEO, Bob Lyons, said about the latest deal that it will bring the company’s leading streaming and technology solutions to WCF. At the same time, he pointed out that the collaboration taps into esports, a unique fast-growing market. In conclusion, Lyons added: “This collaboration will help us better understand the needs and behaviors of our esports streaming customers and use those insights to improve our products and services.”

PlayerX Is Expected to Deliver Unique Experiences for Fans

According to WCF’s CEO, Mike Vela, the partnership represents a significant moment for fantasy sports. He predicted that the new collaboration will deliver unique and engaging experiences for fans by leveraging leading data and streaming solutions. Vela pointed out that typically the “fantasy experience is one-dimensional, with users simply interacting with text and numbers.” However, the upcoming PlayerX platform embedded with real-time stats will enable customers to engage with their opponents but also share exciting moments by searching and watching highlights, explained Vela in conclusion.

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“This partnership puts the fantasy sports user experience front and center, utilizing data, engagement insights, and streaming capabilities to deliver dynamic and engaging fan experiences.“

Mike Vela, CEO of World Champion Fantasy

PlayerX is a new platform that fuses segments from fantasy sports and esports. WCF explained that the platform “allows fans to assemble a dream team of esport athletes and then live stream games that simultaneously display insights and stats.” The pla lodislot tform also offers a plethora of customization options for the users such as music themes, interactive avatars and chat. The launch of PlayerX for CS:GO and Valorant is expected in the first quarter of 2023. After launching, the platform plans to introduce Call of Duty as well as League of Legends later next year.