Detroit Tigers announces multi-year deal with sportsbook PointsBet

The first MLB to partner up with a sportsbook provider is the Detroit Tigers. The Michigan baseball team has just announced a multi-year deal with sportsbook provider PointsBet. Starting this season, PointsBet will add signage at Comerica Park with the sportsbook to also be featured on the Tigers Radio Network and live streaming show.

Working Together:

The deal marks the first time an MLB team will work with a sports betting brand, one of many to come as the MLB starts their season as the Covid-19 pandemic continues. Along with promoting the brand at the ballpark, on the radio and the streaming show, PointsBet will also be integrated within the team’s District Detroit app.

Ilitch Holdings is the company representing the Tigers, with the group’s president Chris Granger commented that the great fans of the Tigers will enjoy the personalized platform of PointsBet as it provides unique experiences as well as innovative offerings.

PointsBet will have access to the official data of the MLB and the right to use marks and logos of the Detroit league within their sportsbook products. CEO of PointsBet, Johnny Aitken, sees the value of the league, stating to ESPN that he sees baseball as the most disputable sport when it comes to betting innovation.

In 2019, PointsBet offered services in the US, offering betting on individuals at-bats during Major League Baseball games. Players could wager on if a batter will strike out or hit a home run.

Partnering with the NBA:

The deal with the MLB is not the first league that PointsBet has signed a deal with this year. In February, the brand signed a deal with the National Basketball Association (NBA), set to serve as the official spor 7BALL ts betting operator for the league.

Similar to the MLB deal, PointsBet will incorporate their brand into social media channels of the NBA along with utilizing statistics and analytics for fans to have real-time insight so they can make quality predictions with NBA wagers.

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