Alabama Attorney General files lawsuits to stop illegal gambling activities

In a press release earlier this week, the Attorney General of Alabama announced that multiple lawsuits had been filed to stop the operation of illegal gambling machines. AG Steve Marshall filed the lawsuits against gambling facilities located in five different counties stating the machines violate state law.

According to the, the lawsuits look to the court to rule that any promotion, transportation or operation of electronic bingo machines in any of the five counties are prohibited. Injunctive relief is also being sought by the state and the courts have been asked by the Attorney General’s office to stop the gambling operations while the lawsuits remain pending.

The five counties included in the lawsuits are Macon, Houston, Greene, Morgan and Lowndes. The defendants listed in the lawsuits are the casino operators, the vendors and machine manufacturers. Also included are the government authorities who have promoted the gambling activities that take place in said counties.

For those who have followed the gambling issues in Alabama involving electronic bingo machines, perhaps the most well-known case involves the VictoryLand Casino of Macon County. This venue reopened in 2016 after being closed when raided by state officials.

In the press release, Marshall reportedly emphasized how important it is to uphold state law regarding illegal gambling operations.  In the release, Marshall stated that it is the responsibility of the AG to ensure that the laws of the state are enforced. Marshall pointed out that rulings by the state Supreme Court over the past few years made it clear that electronic bingo and slot machine use are illegal in all of the counties in Alabama. Because of this, the AG’s office has taken action to hold those accountable who have been in defiance of state laws.

The lawsuits renew the neverending battle over gambling operations within the state.  In the press release, Marshall referenced ten different gambl 7BALL ing cases and said that he hopes the lawsuits will settle the matter statewide. There are some constitutional amendments that have legalized bingo in Alabama, but the AG argues that the amendments do not include the electronic version and such games should be named a nuisance in Alabama.

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