1×2 Network Expands Offer with Rogue’s Innovative Games

Rogue is an author of a number of excellent titles and disruptive game mechanics which have been slowly winning over iGaming crowds in different markets. Some of the studio’s disruptive features for the industry include options such as Fusion Reels, Wildfire Reels, and Interspace.

Rogue’s Innovation Makes Impression on Players and Businesses

Because of this, Rogue has been able to establish itself as an up-and-coming studio with a promising future in the industry. The alliance with 1×2 Network will serve as a further springboard for this ambition and make it easier for the company to launch with more operators and make its products known.

Rogue recently launched Overdrive, which features the Turbo Reels mechanic. Basically, the mechanic allows players to increase the split-reel dial and theoretically improve the frequency of payouts.

Games such as Punk Rocks feature the Raze Reels mechanic which offers a varied number of symbols to generate cluster wins that bring along more wild symbols and blocks, all integrated seamlessly and meaningfully into the cor riches777 e gameplay and offering players entertaining ways to win. Rogue has been busy putting out some prominent titles all the while, with Mega Laser Kitty Cubes and Rave Up all part of the latest releases.

1×2 Network’s powerful aggregation platform will make it much easier for these games to reach new customers. 1×2 Network commercial director Chris Loftus was similarly pleased with the news and said that Rogue’s games are some of the best owing to their unique iGaming concepts and stand-out offers. He added:

At our core, we believe in innovation, and Rogue is a new company that’s bursting with ideas for themes and mechanics. We at 1×2 Network cannot wait to bring their games to our customers.

1×2 Network commercial director Chris Loftus

Rogue’s John Parsonage, was similarly pleased with the opportunity to join the 1×2 Network, touting some of its best-known members, such as Iron Dog Studio and 1×2 Gaming. “It also means the full suite of Rogue games will be enjoyed by a whole new audience. This is an exciting new chapter in the Rogue story.  It’s time to Change the Game and go Rogue,” Parsonage concluded.

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A month ago, 1×2 Network also added the rising star Gromada to its list of partnering studios.